Restaurateurs: Five Tips For Reducing The Waste Your Restaurant Produces

When you run a restaurant, you need to be able to cut costs wherever you can, and cutting the costs on something like your waste management bill is obviously better than cutting costs by serving lower quality food or hiring less experienced team members. Luckily, there are a range of ways you can cut down on the amount of waste your restaurant produces, and ultimately, that means you don't need as large of a dumpster or as many collection days throughout the week – two things that can save you money. Read More 

Cheers To Cherry! 3 Natural Solutions To Clean And Enhance Your Cherry Cabinets

Due to the room's function, value, and appeal, the kitchen is an imperative part of your home. Considering your kitchen cabinets encompass a large portion of the space, investing in quality wood is key to improving the room's design and value. Fortunately, investing in cherry cabinets is smart since they are a favorite trend in kitchen remodeling that will never go out of style. Cherry wood is not only attractive, but it is also a durable option for your kitchen. Read More 

How Temperature Affects Your Asphalt, And What You Can Do About It

You already know the trick to getting a tight lid off a jar, right? Just run the jar under warm to hot water for a little while and it will loosen up enough that you can pull the lid off with ease. While that is a useful tip for jams and jellies, the fact that materials expand with heat and contract with cold isn't always a good thing – especially when it comes to asphalt maintenance. Read More 

Dealing With Rotted Soffits And Fascia

Soffits and fascia are designed for both form and function. Not only do they give your roofline a more streamlined appearance, but they also create a barrier of sorts between the underlying roof structure and the elements. Unfortunately, the soffit and fascia are usually the first components of your roof to succumb to rot. Things That Can Turn Your Soffits and Fascia Rotten A dry home relies on its roof to properly channel water away from vulnerable areas. Read More 

Look Before You Flush: Don’t Let These Items Go Down The Drain

The importance of maintaining a healthy septic system can't be stated enough. Unfortunately, countless homeowners jeopardize their septic system's health by flushing items that shouldn't find their way into a septic tank. Flushing these items can seem temptingly convenient, but you could end up learning a very expensive lesson on why you shouldn't. Gloves, Condoms and Other Latex Products Latex is a non-biodegradable material, which means it won't break down on its own. Read More