The Benefits Of Building A Manufactured Home

Advances in housing materials and federal regulations for mobile homes have made the structures more attractive as permanent dwellings. If you are in the market for a home for the first time in your life or a retiree seeking to downsize to an affordable dwelling, you should consider the benefits of purchasing a manufactured home.

Design Variety

You do not have to settle for a boring, one-level home that is narrow with a long hallway when you purchase a mobile home. Modern floor plans provide a variety of designs that in no way resemble popular, traditional images of cookie-cutter mobile homes.

Features of modern mobile homes include:

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Master bedroom suites
  • Large dens and family rooms
  • Hardwood floors
  • Extended porches
  • Luxury bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Granite countertops
  • Hot tubs
  • Attached garages

Mobile home builders also provide state-of-the art appliances. In some places, the design and amenities of mobile homes attract affluent buyers.

Manufactured homes are also ideal for second homes used as vacation retreats. Expertly designed mobile homes with wood exteriors, walls of windows, decks and multiple levels can rival the beauty of traditional log cabins, cottages and other types of vacation homes.

Strict Federal and Provincial Regulations

Mobile homes can be just as sturdy and durable as traditional homes. Builders of manufactured homes must meet strict standards developed by the Canadian Standards Association. Furthermore, all manufactured homes must have a permanently affixed CSA certification label before they leave the factory.

In addition to adhering to federal standards, manufacturers must also comply with provincial building regulations before selling homes. Some provinces and local governments may even require homes to undergo inspection before they can be sold to homeowners.

Before you purchase a house, make sure to familiarize yourself with federal, provincial and local construction ordinances for manufactured homes and land lease communities. If you plan to use your home as a rental property, there may be certain rules that only apply to mobile homes.

In addition, provinces also have rules for transporting manufactured homes if you want to move your house to a new location.


Because manufactured homes are constructed within a factory, building materials are not left outside and exposed to the elements like the materials used to construct traditional homes.

The builder you choose should also offer you a multi-year service agreement to cover repairs for the roof, doors, windows, walls, siding, fuel lines, appliances, sub-flooring, plumbing and other structures. When you are looking for a company to build your mobile home make sure to ask builders in-depth questions about warranties and service agreements for fixtures and appliances.

Eco-friendly Features

If living in a green space is important to you, then a mobile home should fit your expectations for eco-friendly construction. Manufacturers include numerous energy-efficient features in mobile homes including:

  • Low E vinyl windows to minimize infiltration of ultraviolet and infrared light
  • Energy Star appliances and windows
  • Insulated and sealed doors, windows and skylights

If you want to make sure that your home is environmentally friendly, look for mobile home manufacturers that offer certified Energy Star labeled homes. These officially certified homes are constructed by Canadian government-approved manufacturers.

Certified builders provide new homeowners with an official Energy Star certificate and label. These green homes provide, on average, 20 percent more energy efficient than other homes.


One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a manufactured home instead of a site-built house is cost. The reduction in price enables you to invest in high-end features in your mobile home such as a hot tub or inground pool, amenities that you may not have been able to afford when constructing a traditional house.