Tips For Successfully Installing Modular Buildings On Your Remote Job Site

Whether you are charged with setting up a remote mine site, oil field, or a construction site, the modular buildings you choose to install are central to your successful completion of the project. If you have never chosen modular office buildings for a remote worksite, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure you get exactly what your project requires. To this end, here are some tips for leasing and installing modular buildings on your remote job site:

Tip: Know Exactly What Your Budget is Before Shopping

Before you begin to look for modular buildings that will work well on your new worksite, first you need to know exactly how much your budget is for the project. As with anything else, there are a wide variety of different modular buildings available on the market for lease, and your budget will help you narrow down those options that will work for your company and those that are too expensive.

Tip: Choose a Company that Offers a Delivery Guarantee and Relocation Services

Once you know your budget and have started to shop for modular buildings to lease, you should ask the staff at each modular building company if they offer guarantees for delivery and pick-up times. Also, do they offer relocation services if you decide you like your buildings and want to move them on to your next job site when your current project ends? 

Tip: View as Many Options and Sizes Before Choosing Your Job Site's Modular Buildings

Once you have found a modular building company that offers the guarantees you need, then take some time to look at their selection of building sizes and options that fit within your budgeted amount. Newer buildings will be higher in price, while those that are older will typically cost less. You can use this to your advantage. For example, if you need larger buildings, you can choose some that are older to save on some costs. 

Tip: Understand Exactly what Options Come With Your Leased Modular Buildings

Finally, it is important that you know exactly what additoinal options are available for your leased modular buildings. For example, does your building come with stairs or a ramp? Does the building come furnished or will you need to provide your own office furniture? And, if the building has a bathroom, does it offer portable sanitation or will it need to be connected to an existing sewer or septic system? Knowing what extras come with your modular buildings will help you stay in budget and ensure you get exactly the buildings you need for your new remote job site.