3 Tips For Retrofitting Your Home With Screw Piles

Protecting your home from natural disasters is important when it comes to preventing serious damage and loss. If you live in an area that could be hit by an earthquake, reinforcing your home's foundation is critical. Screw piles can serve as valuable tools when it comes to keeping your home firmly on its foundation when the ground begins to shake.

Here are three tips that you can use to successfully retrofit your home with screw piles in the future.

1. Examine the soil conditions.

While screw piles are suitable for use in a variety of different soils, the type of soil on which your home is constructed will influence the installation process. Screw piles can be installed at various depths, and the more porous your soil is, the deeper the screw piles will need to go in order to provide proper protection.

Be sure that you invest in a soil analysis prior to beginning the installation process so that you can purchase enough sections of screw piling to successfully protect your home in the future.

2. Utilize the right equipment.

Screw piles are designed to screw directly into the ground, much like a screw can be turned in order to penetrate a piece of wood. In order to achieve the proper depth during soil penetration, you will need access to a powerful hydraulic motor as you install screw piles on your property.

The parameters of the hydraulic motor required for successful screw pile installation can vary from one project to the next. You will need to take into consideration your torque needs and your soil profile when selecting installation equipment to ensure you have access to the right machines to install your screw piles properly.

3. Fill your screw piles with concrete.

Once you have successfully inserted your screw piles to the proper depth, it's important that you take the time to fill the screw piles with concrete. The addition of a concrete core will help to add stability and rigidity to your screw piles.

These features will play a vital role in helping to prevent the screw piles from shearing in the event of a major earthquake, allowing your home to remain as structurally sound as possible during a natural disaster.

Understanding how to successfully install screw piles will allow you to utilize these features to help reinforce your home's foundation against the destructive forces of an earthquake in the future. Contact companies like Alberta Screw Piles LTD. to learn more.