6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Toilets

The appearance of toilets at your commercial facilities is important if your clients and business partners use your restrooms. Restrooms that look run down due to aged toilets quickly present a bad image for your company and may discourage customers from coming back.

Toilets need to be replaced occasionally to ensure their functionality and maintain their appearance. The following are six signs that you need to have your commercial toilets replaced for the upkeep of your commercial facilities.

Your toilets repeatedly need repairs

Repeatedly paying for repairs for your toilets is going to cost you more in the long run than simply having old toilets replaced.

If your toilets are constantly malfunctioning, you can avoid frequently having your toilets out of service and having to pay for repairs by simply replacing them. 

Your toilets leak

Don't assume that a slight leak in a toilet is ok because you can wipe it up. Leaks onto your restroom floor could be indicative of deeper problems such as leaks within your walls that could lead to water damage at your facilities. 

Repair toilet leaks, and if you are not able to repair them, it's time to replace your toilet to prevent water damage from creating issues at your facility. 

Your toilets become clogged frequently

Over time, a toilet may become weaker and weaker as it flushes so that it starts to clog more often. Clogs can cause your toilets to overflow and leak water all over your restroom facilities. This increases the chances that water damage issues will occur.

Replace toilets that keep clogging to make things more convenient and save money on plumbing services. 

Your toilets are inefficient and consume a lot of water

If you have older toilets that don't offer any efficiency features, you may want to replace them with low flow toilets. Low flow toilets will consume less water and therefore allow you to cut back on your utility costs. This can improve the bottom line of your commercial operation. 

Your toilets are unsteady

A wobbly toilet makes it difficult for customers and staff members alike to use your restroom facilities. While unsteady toilets can sometimes be repaired by simply tightening their screws, it is sometimes impossible to remedy unsteady toilets without having them entirely replaced. 

Your toilets look damaged or excessively stained

Even if your toilets continue to function normally, it's important to remember that their appearance is going to make a big impression on customers and others who visit your facilities. 

If your toilets look flawed or if they are so severely stained that they cannot be completely cleaned, you should probably invest in replacing them to improve the appearances of your restrooms. Contact a company like PSL Plumbing for more information and assistance.