Landscaping Tips To Add Privacy To Your Home

It can be a challenge to maintain privacy in your home, especially if your home is located in an area that is densely populated. When your backyard is not well covered, it can be challenging to do somethings comfortably, especially when you have neighbors with prying eyes.

However, you can design your landscape in a manner which can add privacy to your home, and also add value to your property. If you don't know how to design your landscape to create privacy to your home, then consider consulting professional landscapers as they can assist you in designing your landscape to bring privacy.

Use layered shrubs

Layered shrubs can be an excellent option, especially if you are looking for beautiful garden. Choosing a good mixture of shrubs, leafy and evergreen trees as well as plants that do not shed leaves and then planting them randomly can help in creating a bushy area, which can block snooping eyes.

To get a good result, consider planting taller trees with shrubs planted in the background. Then, plant perennials as well as shrubs in the foreground, which helps in creating deep color and texture. You shouldn't worry about planting the trees in order as planting them randomly can create a beautiful landscape.


Privet hedges are a good option if you have a tight space where you cannot plant trees or shrubs. The good thing about hedges is that they grow very quickly and they join together to create some kind of wall which creates privacy.

However, hedges should be monitored and watered for up to twelve months until they grow strong. But, the challenge of planting hedges is that they require constant maintenance, which can be costly.

Water features

Sound should not be overlooked when it comes to privacy. If you live close to your neighbors, a water fountain can help in reducing noise coming from their TVs as well as noise from their daily activities. Water fountains also play an important part in creating peaceful backyards, especially for people who live close to noisy roads.

Also, water features can create cover, but only if they are built on a high place. Some water features can be built on a wall or even designed in a way to form a waterfall. The sound created by water features tends to be soothing.  

Plant bamboo

Planting bamboo creates an effective cover, while still offering a relaxing tropical environment. Bamboo grows really fast and it stays green throughout the year. This means that bamboo can provide you with the privacy you desire in all seasons. However, it is good to note that bamboo can spread wildly and it requires regular trimming and pruning to remain presentable.

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