A Quick Guide For Disposing Of Your Asbestos Waste

Immediately after an expert confirms your home contains asbestos materials that could release harmful fibers, your next course of action is to get rid of these materials. Asbestos removal and disposal aren't usually easy because of the health risks the fibers present if the procedure isn't handled effectively. This is the reason most property owners become afraid when asbestos is mentioned. 

So, how should asbestos disposal be handled? This post will share top tips you should know whether you opt to do it yourself, or assign the asbestos disposal work to a professional.

Package the Asbestos Waste with Care

Once you are done removing asbestos materials, you will need to clean up and package the waste appropriately. All this should be done with care to avoid exposure to harmful fibers. Ideally, everyone who is doing the task should wear protective clothing like gloves, a dust mask, safety goggles, etc. This way, every person will be ready to place the asbestos waste into the recommended plastic bags. 

Avoid breaking the waste into small pieces while packing since you'll create asbestos dust, which is harmful. If it breaks accidentally, spray it with water to reduce the dust particles. Remember it's your landlord's responsibility to manage asbestos removal and disposal if you are renting the property.

Load the Waste

Now that all the waste is in the asbestos plastic bags and the bags are sealed tightly, you will need to label them as asbestos waste. If the plastic bags are labeled, then you don't have to repeat the process. Then, carefully stack the asbestos bags over each other so they don't slide or slip during transportation. Finally, remove your safety overall, gloves, goggles, and boots and place them in another empty bag and load it too after sealing.

Choose Where to Dispose of the Waste

Since asbestos waste isn't disposed of with regular household waste, you will need to search for a waste disposal company that specifically handles asbestos. A quick online search should help you identify several companies. Another option would be to use the council's asbestos collection service or assign the clean-up and disposal work to a private removal service. 

With both options, you won't have to worry about where to dispose of the asbestos waste since they are informed and experienced in the job. However, sometimes the professionals limit how much junk they can take at a time, so you may have to reschedule the collection time if you have many bags.

For more information, contact a waste disposal company near you.