3 Types Of Hot Tub Covers To Pick From

Do you need a new cover for your hot tub but aren't sure about the kind that you need to get? If so, you'll need to make a decision from these options.

Fabric Cover

The most basic type of cover that you can purchase for your hot tub is a fabric cover. This type of material is going to protect the water from rainwater and debris since it is made out of a strong material that stretches over the entire hot tub. It is then secured in place with cords that can be tightened, which prevent the cover from blowing off.

Hard Cover

Another type of cover that you can purchase is a hard cover. This type of cover is on the heavier side, with its weight holding the cover in place. Hard covers tend to fold in half so that you can easily open up half of the hot tub to quickly jump in without taking the time to remove the cover entirely. A hard cover helps trap in the heat since the weight of the cover forms a seal around the edge. 

The nature of the hard cover also helps give you some added safety, especially if the hot tub is built into a deck. If someone accidentally steps on the cover, such as pets or children, they likely will not fall into the hot tub unexpectedly. However, a hard cover is not expected to hold the weight of an adult without damaging it. 

Solar Cover

A solar cover is an option when the hot tub is outdoors under the sun all day, and you want to heat up the water with the sun rather than a heater. A solar cover looks like a thin layer of bubble wrap, which allows the sun to shine through and heat the water. The cover also does a good job at keeping debris out, but won't keep rainwater out. This makes a solar cover a great option to switch to on days where you know it will not rain and be warm outside, and switch back to another cover when you need protection from the rain. 

Each cover has its own pros and cons, which range from ease of placing the cover to the amount of protection it provides from the elements. With this information in mind, you'll now be able to make an informed decision on which one is best for you. To learn more about hot tub covers, contact a contractor.