Choosing A Surface For Your Commercial Pool Deck

A pool can be a popular attraction at hotels, recreation centers, and gyms. Unfortunately, it can also be a fairly dangerous area due to the risk of slipping and falling. In order to minimize the liabilities that can come from these accidents, business leaders may want to consider installing rubber safety surfacing on their commercial pool deck. This can be an option that is included when the pool is first constructed as well as any time that the pool deck undergoes resurfacing work.

Safety Rubber Decking Can Soften The Impacts When Individuals Fall

Many in-ground pool decks will be made of concrete, stone tile, and other hard materials. This can lead to individuals striking these hard surfaces with a lot of force, which can increase the risk of them suffering injuries if they were to slip and fall while in the area. Rubber safety surfacing is designed to help absorb much of this force so that it can act as an effective layer of padding between the person and the pool deck.

Rubber Safety Surfacing Can Be Textured

The area around a swimming pool can be prone to becoming extremely slick as a result of water getting on it. One option for combating this problem will be to opt for safety surfacing materials that can be textured. The texturing process will create a number of raised spots and grooves on the surface that can greatly increase the amount of traction that people get as they as walking over the surface. In addition to including texturing, you may also want to install drainage systems that can remove water that is starting to collect on the surface of the commercial pool deck.

The Maintenance Needs Of Rubber Safety Surfacing Is Minimal

Maintaining the commercial pool deck is an important consideration for any establishment that is needing to make choices about this area of the business. In addition to requiring a lot of labor, maintenance-intensive surfacing options may also require more downtime, which can prove to be frustrating to your customers and guests. Rubber safety surfacing is uniquely durable due to it being extremely resistant to moisture exposure.

Furthermore, the rubber that is used in commercial pool decks will also be designed to resist degrading in response to exposure to the chlorine and other chemicals that are used to keep the pool water clean. Being easy to repair is another benefit of opting for this type of surfacing for the pool's deck. Your guests may cause damage and wear to this surface by walking over it and moving chairs or other items on it. If the rubber suffers damage, it may be possible to patch it so that its appearance and integrity can be restored without replacing the entire surface.