3 Tips For Retrofitting Your Home With Screw Piles

Protecting your home from natural disasters is important when it comes to preventing serious damage and loss. If you live in an area that could be hit by an earthquake, reinforcing your home's foundation is critical. Screw piles can serve as valuable tools when it comes to keeping your home firmly on its foundation when the ground begins to shake. Here are three tips that you can use to successfully retrofit your home with screw piles in the future. Read More 

Aluminum - The Better Choice For Boat Docks

Whether at the beginning of a day of boating or at the end one of the most convenient things at the boat ramp is being able to pull up to a dock to load or unload people and supplies. Although pulling the bow of the boat up to shore works, it is usually wet and muddy and requires lifting items up into the boat. With a dock, passengers can step from a clean surface down into the boat. Read More 

Laminate Tiles Are Great For Residential Upgrades

Investing in new floors is one of the smartest home remodels you can invest in. Whether you are changing your floor for style reasons or because your existing floor is beaten up and ugly, it is a decision that you will not regret. Of course, there are many different flooring products to choose from. Laminate products are becoming more and more popular because of the diverse styles that are available. This article explains why laminate flooring products are great for just about any home style. Read More 

Three Tools You Need To Make You The Most Popular Contractor After Heavy Snow

In an area that is plagued by heavy snow or snow storms during the winter, many residents may buckle down to try to deal with the weather as best as they can. As a contractor, your work on homes or on construction sites may slow down to a crawl during the winter time. If you want to remain a popular contractor year round, you can begin to down lawn work and clearing work during the winter season. Read More 

Tips For Successfully Installing Modular Buildings On Your Remote Job Site

Whether you are charged with setting up a remote mine site, oil field, or a construction site, the modular buildings you choose to install are central to your successful completion of the project. If you have never chosen modular office buildings for a remote worksite, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure you get exactly what your project requires. To this end, here are some tips for leasing and installing modular buildings on your remote job site: Read More